Bamboo Aluminum Honeycomb Panel


Thickness: customized 

Surface Treatment: Bamboo complex

Raw material: aluminum alloy 1100, 3003, 5257, 6061 series 

Country of origin: Guangdong China

Product Details

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Bamboo Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is a new type of green decorative materials. Aluminum panel and bamboo material are combined perfectly through the German advanced composite technology and high-strength thermoplastic adhesive system compound, the product structure is solid, and not easy to leave.

With respect to nature, environmental protection, advocating green decoration and emphasizing the sustainable development of today, bamboo aluminum honeycomb panels with its unique characteristics, excellent internal quality and pleasing natural texture, become the main products of modern decorative materials.

Bamboo Aluminum Honeycomb Panel’s green, return to the natural decorative effect, has been favored by domestic and foreign construction, widely used in architectural decoration. Bahe company provide different bamboo strip aluminum honeycomb board, thickness specifications and bamboo skin style selection, according to the requirement of panel thickness, honeycomb core thickness and so on, make the customized bamboo aluminum honeycomb panels. It is main decorative product at modern times with its nature and harmless feature. With excellent performance in sound insulation, heat insulation, fireproofing and high wind- resistance, aluminum composite honeycomb panel have been extensively applied to interior and exterior decoration.

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1、M8  hanging  pole 


3、Aluminum  honeycomb  panels


5、Special  Aluminum  strip

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