Perforated Woodgrain Acoustical Aluminum Honeycomb Ceiling System

place of origin: China
honeycomb core: aluminum
thickness: 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm...
surface treatment: PVDF paint, powder coating, wood grain, stone grain, anodized

Product Details

Perforated Aluminum Honeycomb Panel as a composite product, in the use of architectural decoration, in order to achieve sound and noise reduction effect, the panel is processed into a hole and plus a layer of sound-absorbing material, and then through the composite technology come into being.

The volume of the honeycomb core material of the perforated aluminum honeycomb panel is only 1% to 3%. The rest of the space is air in the sealed state of the aluminum plate and the honeycomb structure. Due to the air sound insulation, also the thermal insulation performance is superior to any solid material, so the aluminum honeycomb panel has a good sound insulation, thermal insulation performance. The bottom panels of honeycomb panels can adopt different materials according to different requirements, such as aluminum panels, corrosion resistant panels, colored steel panels and nature stone. Perforated Aluminum Honeycomb Panel scientists through the hive of the in-depth study and found that the hexagonal borehole honeycomb structure is very high strength, the weight is light, so more and more projects apply aluminum honeycomb panel.