Aluminum Linear Window Louver

Specification:width*height, 300~4000mm

Thickness: 1.0~1.5mm 

Surface Treatment: powder coated, PVDF

Raw material: aluminum alloy 

Country of origin: Guangdong China

Product Details

Aluminum linear bar grilles are usually used in HVAC ventilation system as the air supply grille. The blades of the linear air conditioning grille are fixed and can be customized as 0 degree or 30 degree based on the practical requirements. Besides, the aluminum linear bar grilles can also be made as the detachable type, and the core can be removed from the frame which makes it easy to clean the filters. It plays an important role in majority projects because of its straight line appearance.

Aluminum linear bar grilles has characteristic below:

1. Can be got the wind from different distance and corner.

2. As the air outlet and return air inlet.

3. Make by good quality alloy material.

4. Match perfect with control valve and strainer.

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