Aluminum Square Ceiling Diffuser

Specification:width*height, size can be produced upon request

Thickness: 1.0~1.5mm 

Surface Treatment: powder coated, PVDF

Raw material: aluminum alloy 

Country of origin: Guangdong China

Product Details

Aluminum square ceiling diffuser is a part of terminal equipment in HVAC system which can deliver and remove air and realize the air circulation. Thus, it can help to ensure the acceptable air quality as well as thermal comfort. It is widely used in the terminal of air conditioner, factory, airport, theatre, bank and other places. The core can be removed from the frame which makes it easy to clean the filters. It plays an important role in many projects because of its straight line appearance.

Aluminum Square Ceiling Diffuser has advantage of good ventilation performance, convenient to adjust wind capacity, easy to install and dismantle for its detached inner core and frame. In addition, color can be customized to match the building.

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