Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum Wall Panel


Thickness: usually 1.5-3.0mm

Surface Treatment: polyester powder coated

Raw material: aluminum alloy 1100, 3003, 5257, 6061 series 

Country of origin: Guangdong China

Product Details

Indoor Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum Wall Panel made from aluminum panel with hydroxyl polyester resin powder coating, polyester powder coating decorative effect can guarantee more than 10 years, could meet the requirements of most indoor aluminum panel decoration., because of excellent weather resistance, is often referred to as weather resistance type powder coatings material. Polyester powder wall aluminum panel select advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the paint attached uniformly. Also the color is diverse and could be customized. Aluminum veneer is not easy to stain, it is easy cleaning and maintenance. Also,the surface coating is perfect and strong weather ability, this kind of surface coating is very suitable for interior and exterior decoration.

Indoor Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum Wall Panel’s surface is non-sticky, so that the surface is difficult to attach contaminants, it is good to clean. And polyester powder paint can choose a variety of colors, the color could be lasting bright and new. The most important thing is that it is affordable, cost-effective, has become the first choice for many projects interior decoration.

1:Keel  underbed 

2:Alum  bracket

3:Self  drilling  screws

4:Countersunk  rivet

5:2.0mm  Aluminum  panel

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