Wood Grain Aluminum Ceiling Panel


Thickness:usually 1.5-4.5mm

Surface Treatment: thermal transfer printing

Raw material: aluminum alloy 1100, 3003, 5257, 6061 series 

Country of origin: Guangdong China

Product Details

Wood grain aluminum ceilings panel come out, which brought a touch of bright colors for the architectural decoration field, showing elegant classic temperament, let people have a close feeling. Wood grain aluminum ceiling panel’s color is nice, the effect is realistic and with clear texture, in the visual is good enough to match the solid wood! At the same time, it can be based on the actual needs of customers, made of bumps, matte and other effects, in the feel more close to the solid wood. 

Wood grain Aluminum ceiling panel has elegant and natural appearance、colorful and varied patterns. It has many advantages than wood materials. Such as the fire proof, corrosion resistance, mould proof, high rigidity and intensity. Wood grain aluminum ceiling panel’s weight is light, also with feature of fire resistance, moisture resistance, and installation and maintenance is also very simple, saving a lot of maintenance costs.  It can maintains the color last for 10~15 years.

Bahe’s wood grain aluminum ceiling panel through the thermal transfer technology, the wood grain will be printed on a layer of coated aluminum panel surface. With excellent quality, realistic texture, strong pattern wear, high weathering surface treatment technology can maintain a lasting bright.

1:Steel  bracket

2:Expansion  screw

3:Self-tapping  screw 

4:Angle  steel

5:Countersunk  rivet

6:Alum  bracket

7:Aluminum  panel

Wood grain Aluminum ceiling panel-1.jpg

Wood grain Aluminum ceiling panel-2.jpg

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