Hollow Out Aluminum Cladding Panel

Specification: customized

Thickness: usually 1.5-3.0mm

Surface Treatment: polyester powder coated, PVDF coated, thermal transfer printing, marble effect treatment

Raw material: aluminum alloy 1100, 3003, 5257, 6061 series 

Country of origin: Guangdong China

Product Details

Hollow Out Aluminum Cladding Panel is an architectural form of curtain wall aluminum panel construction, hollow out on the aluminum panel in a variety of artistic patterns, not only have decorative effect, but also can reflect the different buildings on behalf of the culture.

Hollow out curtain wall panels need to the aluminum panel manufacturers have high intelligence and high precision CNC equipment, and the need for a professional design team, according to the drawings programming processing, create a perfect art hollow out aluminum panel products.

CNC machining and numerical control construction is through use CNC equipment for processing materials, and digital construction is the "digital" and "construction" concept grafting, began to redefine the original architectural discourse.

Hollow out curtain wall is under the support of own discourse system and numerical control equipment for building up, is based on "CNC machining" and "CNC construction"

We import a numerical control punch machine call TRUMPF. It is a full-automatic panel beating CNC punching imported from the Germany. Each piece of art carved aluminum panel are among individuals, it increases artistic elements for building decoration. It applies to the interior and external curtain wall decoration and suspended ceiling. It becomes hot trends for modern decoration.

1、Pop  rivet 

2、Alum  bracket


4、Aluminum  cladding  panel

5、Self-tapping  screw


7、Square steel tube  

8、Angle  steel

9、Set  screws

10、Expansion  screw

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Hollow Out Aluminum Cladding Panel-2.jpg

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