Irregular Aluminum Cladding Panel

Specification: customized

Thickness: usually 2.0-3.5mm

Surface Treatment: polyester powder coated, PVDF coated, thermal transfer printing, marble effect treatment

Raw material: aluminum alloy 1100, 3003, 5257, 6061 series 

Country of origin: Guangdong China

Product Details

Bahe is engaged in researching and designing Irregular Aluminum Cladding Panel to meet the demands of building decoration. Combined with different building needs, bahe customize the perfect shaped aluminum cladding panel products. Like this Irregular Aluminum Cladding Panel products, lit the entire interior and exterior decoration elements.

Irregular Aluminum Cladding Panel design style is unique, the structure is arbitrary, and has different shapes. With the integration of modern decorative features and great sense of the times design, it is fully reflected essence of Irregular aluminum panel.

For non-standard aluminum panel design and processing of aluminum panel, it needs manufacturers have a high demand, and It requests the manufacturer with high producing technique and advanced equipment. Bahe knows this and realize the importance to build up a professional designer team, so we create a professional design team and supporting the imported precision machining equipment, improve the special-shaped aluminum panel processing system, providing a communicated platform. According to the designer's creative design, provide preliminary drawings to deepen as well as model reference. Support with installation guidance, until the acceptance is completed. Exterior Irregular Aluminum Cladding Panel became one of popular modern construction facade decoration.

1、Pop  rivt   

2、Alum  bracket


4、Aluminum  cladding  panel 

5、Self-tapping  screw


7、square steel tube

8、Angle  steel

9、Set  screws

10、Expansion  screw

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Irregular Aluminum Cladding Panel-2.jpg

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