Roof Soffit PVDF Coated Aluminum Panel


Thickness:usually 1.5-3.0mm

Surface Treatment: PVDF coated

Raw material: aluminum alloy 1100, 3003, 5257, 6061 series 

Country of origin: Guangdong China

Product Details

The design and decoration of the building Roof Soffit, with the times development, especially the modern high-end buildings on the roof soffit part, Roof Soffit PVDF coated Aluminum Panel has been widely used.

Roof Soffit PVDF coated Aluminum Panel is extensive use in interior and external decoration as its excellent weather resistance、corrosion resistance、light weight and easy to install.

Roofing Soffit PVDF coated Aluminum Panel features: First, it is easy installation. According to the decorative needs of the building surface, PVDF coated Aluminum Panel processed into specific size specifications through welding, bending and other technology. Any complex geometric modeling can be customized. It is steel structure, simple and convenient. Second, the color is diversity and weather ability. It could make color according to the corresponding Pantone color ot based on the requirements of the designer .

Roofing Soffit PVDF coated Aluminum Panel spraying process: First, the plate before spraying, the sheet surface must go through the oil decontamination and chemical treatment to produce chrome film, to increase the coating and metal surface adhesion and oxidation resistance, it is conducive to extend the paint useful life of the membrane.

Roof Soffit PVDF coated Aluminum Panel is also popular throughout the architect and designer with its recyclable character and no harm to the environment.

1、Pop  rivet   

2、Alum  bracket


4、Aluminum  cladding  panel

5、Self-tapping  screw


7、Square steel tube  

8、Angle  steel

9、Set  screws

10、Expansion  screw

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