Sand Grain Aluminum Cladding System Panel

place of origin: Guangzhou, China
material: aluminum based
size: customized
processing: bending, perforated, assembly
surface treatment: sand grain
guarantee: 8 years

Product Details

Traditionally, most building surfaces have been painted with "one primer and two finish". With the constant development of building materials market and painting technology, people have higher and higher personalized requirements for the decoration on the building surface. The traditional "one bottom and two sides" painting method cannot meet the new requirements of modern building surface because of its single decoration.


Common sand grain paint (scratch sand paint) although has the adornment effect of stereo feeling, but stain resistance is poor; Multicolor paint has better imitation stone decoration effect, and good weather resistance, good stain resistance, but mostly used in the plane painting process, and the decoration effect is relatively simple, lacking the three-dimensional effect of stone. Especially the sand grain lacquer, has the absolute advantage and receives the attention in the green environmental protection performance. But as a result of the special composition of sand grain lacquer, sand grain lacquer still needs longer film time, lengthened the time that needed, the effect that often appears sand grain lacquer is poor, feel is bad, surface disperses not even wait for a problem, can destroy integral adornment effect of sand grain lacquer possibly, can cause quality problem even.

Nanchang Public

industry involved: Urban Complex

application area: 13,000 sq

application product: sand grain aluminum cladding panel

product supplier: Guangdong Bahe Building Materials Co., Ltd