Shopping Mall External Wall Aluminum Cladding System

Shopping Mall External Wall Aluminum Cladding System

Surface Treatment: PVDF coating
Coating Brand: PPG, Akzo Nobel
Material: Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy
MOQ: 200 square meters
Delivery Clause: FOB, CIF

Product Details

As a form of curtain wall, curtain wall aluminum veneer is mainly used for wall shading and non-lighting walls instead of Mosaic and general sandblasting walls. With its light weight, high rigidity, weather resistance and corrosion resistance; It can be processed into various complex shapes such as plane, arc surface and sphere, with rich color surface treatment, simple installation and construction, convenient cleaning and maintenance, and excellent environmental protection and fire protection functions. Due to the action of various loads on high-rise buildings at all times, especially the high wind pressure, the Mosaic is easy to fall off, and the curtain wall material with weak hardness will be deformed due to the large wind pressure.



Curtain wall aluminum veneer is suitable for decoration of senior office building, office, shopping square, corridor, airport, station, factory building, hospital, club, bank, shopping mall, exhibition hall, etc.



1. Why choose BAHE?

    a) With 8 years of experience in manufacturing certified aluminum products ( cladding wall panel and ceiling tiles ) to more than 30 countries & regions, with Singapore being our main market.

    b) Providing a wide range of aluminum product series with good quality and the most competitive price.

    c) Offering well packing & shipment suggestion to avoid unnecessary troubles.

    d) Having a professional, positive & responsive trading team to provide reliable service. You can have our outstanding after-sale service in anytime.

    e) BAHE always maintains a strict standard for product quality with good reputation. We ensure our client that only reliable quality product is provided.

2. Available thickness and size?

    Common thickness of aluminum cladding curtain wall panel are 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.0mm.

    Regular sizes of aluminum cladding panel size is 1220*2440mm, width range is 900~1500mm, length range is 1800~4000mm, it's flexible enough to be made any shapes according to the shop-drawing.

3. What is your product warranty?

    We offer a 15 years warranty on the structure, along with PPG Brand coating of PVDF surface finish.