A special aluminum veneer: transfer wood veneer

- Sep 11, 2017-

This aluminum veneer decorative effect is very good, looks very close to nature, the initial contact with this aluminum veneer, will give a very comfortable feeling. In the case of

There are a variety of different colors, embedded mahogany, oak, etc., for the wood color is more complex, if the use of paint spray way, then not only inefficient, it is difficult to achieve The expected effect, so now are generally the use of thermal transfer way to produce wood grain aluminum veneer. In the case of

The production of wood veneer is mainly divided into two aspects, the first is the sheet metal forming, and then in accordance with the drawings designed to shape, and then after spraying, out of the surface of the magazine, so that color is more easily adsorbed on the aluminum veneer s surface. The second step is to transfer, the aluminum veneer grain color. In the case of

Thermal transfer is the most popular processing in recent years, this way the cost is low, and the effect is good, more by the manufacturers welcome, usually divided into transfer processing and transfer film is printed in two ways, but for the heat Print this step before the operation, the choice of transfer paper must choose high quality, or will affect the aluminum veneer surface grain processing effect.

Production of wood veneer transfer wood, there is one thing to note, in the aluminum veneer attached to the grain transfer film, the need for aluminum veneer into the oven for baking to ensure that wood can be colored, But also to control the temperature, to prevent the temperature is too large and the emergence of color, which is the production of transfer wood wood veneer is more important.