Aluminum sheet metal sheet on the accuracy requirements

- Sep 11, 2017-

Under normal circumstances, aluminum veneer is a batch of a number of production, and then to the construction side to install, and then the next batch of production and processing. In this context, this requires that the production and processing of aluminum veneer products can not be too much error. The beginning of a little bit of error, slowly accumulated, it will make the back of the aluminum veneer processing and even installed problems.

In the processing of aluminum veneer, in fact, there are countries related to the recommended standard, the listed standards are very clearly listed in the corresponding parameters of the provisions, such as the size of aluminum veneer, the specifications are long and wide , Thick, folding height, diagonal difference and so on. The length and width determine the basic shape of the aluminum veneer, while the thickness affects the performance of the entire veneer. Regardless of the version of the veneer, the thickness error should be controlled within 0.1 mm. And the maximum error allowed for length and width is 1 mm when the length and width dimensions of the aluminum veneer are less than 2000 mm. When the length and width are greater than 2000 mm, the error can not exceed 1.5 mm.

And the height of the aluminum veneer, it and the size of the aluminum veneer does not have a certain relationship, so the provisions can not exceed 0.5 mm, as for the aluminum plate diagonal allowable error range, it is when the aluminum veneer length is less than 2000 Mm, allow the presence of 2 mm error, if the length is greater than 2000 mm, then the error can not exceed 3 mm.

As the aluminum sheet metal sheet is produced by the technical workers in the production process, it may make the processing out of the aluminum plate there is a certain error, aluminum sheet metal sheeting on the need to control this error in a reasonable Range, so the production and processing of aluminum veneer must be in strict accordance with the provisions of the state requirements of precision to ensure that the product qualified.