Aluminum veneer manufacturers how to install curtain wall?

- Sep 11, 2017-

Aluminum veneer is generally used in high-rise buildings, usually in the hollow brick wall or itself has a common brick, in addition to the installation of their own veneer can play a decoration role, the most important can play a protective role. Therefore, the quality requirements of aluminum veneer is very strict, not only to have a seal and compression resistance, but also watertight, air tightness and other properties, to fire, water, earthquake, to withstand wind and rain, sun and rain The If you understand the aluminum veneer, it should be aware that not all buildings are the same as the aluminum veneer, for different buildings, the application of the environment, the choice of different types of aluminum veneer, the choice of treatment will be different. In some developed countries, the building facades use all kinds of materials have clear requirements and regulations. Some materials also have a clear limit and scope of use, methods. Sanxi Dili Wang has many years of experience in the production of aluminum veneer, unique innovative design, strict quality control, mature production technology, improve the production line, and both are the reasons for choosing our.