Analysis on the Cause of Peeling of Aluminum - plastic Plate

- Sep 11, 2017-

1, the quality of aluminum foil itself:

Although this is a more subtle problem, but has been reflected in the quality of aluminum-plastic plate. On the one hand is the aluminum heat treatment process problems, on the other hand some aluminum and producers in the use of recycled aluminum when the quality control lax. This requires that the producers of aluminum-plastic panels in the material producers in all aspects of the evaluation, to determine the sub-contractor to establish business contacts to ensure the quality of materials.

2, aluminum pretreatment issues:

Aluminum plate cleaning and quality of the layer is directly related to the composite quality of aluminum-plastic plate. Aluminum plate must first be cleaned to remove the surface of oil impurities, so that the surface layer of dense chemical layer, in order to facilitate the polymer membrane to produce a good bond. However, some manufacturers in the pre-treatment process of the treatment of liquid temperature, concentration, processing time, the treatment of fluid updates and other lax control, affecting the quality of cleaning.

3, the choice of core material problem:

Because the polymer film and PE bonding with other plastic compared to the best and affordable, non-toxic, easy processing. So the core material used PE. Some small manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of the use of poor bonding effect and combustion will produce fatal gas PVC, or use PE recycled material or the choice of PE raw materials and the next material mixture. This will be due to the PE model, the degree of aging and other differences caused by the different temperature, the final surface for the composite quality is not stable.

4, the choice of polymer membrane problem:

Polymer film is a special performance of the bonding material, which affects the main factors of composite quality. The polymer film has two sides, three layers co-extruded. One side is bonded with the metal, the other side is bonded with the PE, the middle layer is the PE substrate, both sides of the nature is completely different.