Blinds in the life of various applications

- Sep 11, 2017-

Blinds believe that many people have seen a window, this window in life also has a wide range of applications. There may be many people outside the window is in the modern time was invented by a number of windows, but in fact this early in China in ancient times there, but that time this type of window is not called the name. It can be said that the modern window of this kind of louvers is from the ancient Chinese windows reform. In a lot of office buildings, office windows can be seen on the existence of the window, the use of this window when there is a bit, that is, from the inside of the window can see the outside of the situation, and outside to see the inside of the situation , And also has the effect of ventilation and ventilation.

To the extent that the blinds have a lot of advantages is the other types of windows can not be compared, the reason why it will have this name, because this window is very much in appearance on the leaves together. This type of window in addition to many of the office which appeared in a lot of home construction and decoration which also appeared. But also very popular with people, because this window is not like other types of windows, as long as a closed on the airtight. This type of window in the use of the time can be very good to the outside of the air and Yang Guan into the room, for the indoor environment made a very good contribution. Of course, there are many types of materials made of this window, there are wooden, aluminum, and other various types. There are different options in different places, but the wood is still the most popular.