Hollow aluminum veneer art solution

- Sep 11, 2017-

People on the pursuit of modern architectural art is getting higher and higher, simple flat aluminum veneer has been unable to meet the requirements of art, processing in Shanxi aluminum veneer carved, flat aluminum veneer can only rely on changing the color to do changes, Or will be monotonous, if you can in a large shopping malls with hollow aluminum veneer wall decoration, it is not just a common wall, can also be seen as a work of art. Hollow aluminum veneer can be used to do the screen, so that will not block too much sight, and now a lot of decoration with a mirror to expand the visual space effect, and the use of hollow aluminum veneer mirror or glass doors and windows can also enhance this open space Vision. Tianjin Huazhi Li building materials hollow aluminum veneer with light, easy installation, pattern and more features, is the pursuit of fashion and quality of life of the place or home decoration of choice. Hollow aluminum veneer can be used in curtain wall decoration, interior decoration, screens, glass windows decoration, to bring a sense of fashion interior decoration.