Innovative curtain wall information of the wave type aluminum veneer

- Sep 11, 2017-

First, the surface of the aluminum veneer paint, can be customized according to the requirements of the user's spray, followed by no matter what kind of building modeling, aluminum veneer can be a variety of shapes and buildings perfect fusion, so, as long as the building Exterior design more creative, then the aluminum veneer will have a more excellent shape. And today introduced the wave of aluminum veneer, is the curtain wall in the building demand was born. In the case of

Speaking of wave-type aluminum veneer, Tianjin Huazhen Li believe that many users are not seen this aluminum veneer, even if seen, the user may not know that wave-type curtain wall, the use of aluminum veneer as a material , Since the aluminum veneer can be used as a wave-type curtain wall, enough to prove its excellent decorative performance. In the case of

The reason is called wave-type aluminum veneer, because its cross-section and a wave of waves is similar, and this aluminum veneer mainly through the roller machine for processing, until processed into the desired shape, and in the processing In the process, the curvature of the aluminum veneer can be set by the relevant parameters, because the aluminum veneer to go through the rolling arc operation, so the ductility of the aluminum veneer is a certain requirement, so the production of wave-type aluminum veneer , The general will be used 3 series of aluminum alloy plate more.