The details of aluminum veneer and aluminum honeycomb panels are compared

- Sep 11, 2017-

1. Aluminum honeycomb panels as composite materials, honeycomb core made of aluminum, provided a guarantee for the plate, so the aluminum honeycomb panels do not need to strengthen the tendons in particular. Compared to the aluminum veneer, the area is too large need to add the ribs behind the plate, but the ribs and the quality of the plate itself is different, after thermal expansion and contraction, the plate may appear uneven phenomenon. In the case of

2. Aluminum veneer is a single board products, processing is relatively simple, modeling ability; aluminum honeycomb panel is a composite product, processing speed and ability is weak. In the case of

3. Aluminum honeycomb panels and aluminum veneer are of light weight, high strength, good flatness, large board, easy installation, easy maintenance, good environmental protection, reusable, anti-thermal expansion and contraction performance advantages. In contrast, the aluminum honeycomb panel has a higher pressure resistance and the aluminum honeycomb panel can be processed into a large size plate. In the case of

4. If used in building curtain wall, aluminum veneer than the aluminum honeycomb board durability is higher, aluminum honeycomb panels will be subject to adhesive restrictions.