What are the main functions of the blinds?

- Sep 11, 2017-

In the appearance of nice, but also can block the UV, privacy protection, Dongnuanxialiang, and so on. Here we come to a detailed description of its function.

The blinds look simple and generous, with very nice decorative features. It can be directly put away, very simple and generous, that will not take up space. This kind of curtains will not affect our line of sight, the scenery outside the window can be described as a glance, while the width of the room will not be affected. It also has an important function to protect privacy, this type of curtain is mainly through the direction of the bump to block the outside line of sight. When the convex surface of the page toward the house, our shadow is not reflected outside the house, it has a certain shading function. This kind of curtains have a very good protective effect on our privacy. Shutter cleaning is very convenient, we do not need to remove it, just wipe with a wet cloth can be on the wet cloth put a little neutral detergent is more convenient. At this time your heart may be in doubt, it will not fade it, it is no need to worry about it, it is not faded, mainly because the product has a very good waterproof performance.

In addition the blinds can also block the entry of ultraviolet light. Especially in the summer UV is very toxic, when it enters the room, our furniture will fade. And the installation of such blinds, you do not have to fear the furniture will fade. The last point is that such blinds Dongnuanxialiang, it uses the material has a very good insulation performance, the temperature in the winter room will not be scattered. And in the summer outside the hot air is also difficult to enter.