Aluminum Round Panel Space Design Project

- Nov 30, 2017-

With the advancement of technology, movie screening in cinemas has been digitalized, piles of film reels are no longer stacked up in screening rooms. In the old days, films are stored in film reels, movies are screened in cinemas by running reels in projectors. The designers adopted the rotating motion of the reels as the theme of this cinema, captured and portrayed in an impactful and modernistic movie-viewing environment.


As the audience enter the lobby, they will be struck by round plates arranged all across the ceiling. Film reels are portrayed as huge round plates with 2.8 meter diameter, which are linked carefully by designers, jointly form an enormous and powerful ceiling feature. These plates are arranged to overlap each other closely, and are placed in various heights. The wood  grain pattern and the lighting effect together create a sense of movement and suspension, resembling film reels frozen in the midst of rotation. The plates are aluminium panels painted with wood patterns, where the wood grain pattern enhances the 3D effect and adds texture to the Flat Aluminium Panels

The designers adopted earth tone as the main color scheme for this project, creating a mild and warm atmosphere in the lobby. Stones in 2 different shades of brown are used on the floor, these long stone stripes align with the round plate ceiling feature, the darker stones imitate shadows these plates cast on the floor. The linear floor pattern also strengthens the sense of movement of the ceiling feature, resulting in a dynamic atmosphere in the lobby.


the round plates which represent film reels continue all across the ceiling, bringing a visual shock to audience, but at the same time the earth tones create a warm atmosphere in the lobby


stones stripes in 2 different shades of brown are parallel to the round plates under the ceiling, which are linked carefully by designers