Aluminum Veneer Etching Process

- Sep 11, 2017-

From the degreasing → washing → acid corrosion → washing → washing → alkali corrosion → washing → washing → washing → washing → washing → washing → oxidation.

Profiles after the first acid corrosion, after the alkali corrosion, light, before the end of disposal. The center of the technology is acid etching, to mechanical pattern, from the sand, etc. are determined by the acid corrosion. Different from the alkaline eclipse, the biggest advantage of acid etching is to mechanical pattern of strong, from the sand fast, low consumption of aluminum, usually 3-5 minutes to end, aluminum consumption is almost alkaline etching 1 / 8-1 / 6.

However, the environmental problems of acid corrosion increasingly outstanding: acid tank of toxic gas HF escape and washing tank pollution. Fluorides are usually highly toxic and disposal is more difficult. In addition, after the treatment of acid etching, the appearance of the dark hair dark, although the last continuous alkali erosion and light, can be brightened some, but still very dark, both to increase the process, but also lost the luster, which also need aluminum veneer Enterprises to improve.

Aluminum veneer etching process effectively improves the production efficiency of aluminum veneer and reduces the production cost of aluminum veneer, and brings about environmental pollution. Therefore, the aluminum veneer enterprises must also do the necessary environmental protection measures, the trend of good development.