[Art Hollow Aluminum Panel ] For The Building To Add Artistic Elements

- Dec 07, 2017-

Thanks   to   the   designer's   creative   design,   let   Bahe   Aluminum   Panel   Manufacturers   can   once   again   create such   a   unique   Art   Hollow   Aluminum   Panel   Products.   Irregularly   hollowed   pattern,   express   the   designer   effect   to   create   a   unique   and   innovative   for   the   building.


art hollow aluminum panel

Bahe   Art   Hollow   Aluminum   Panel   is   a   CNC   punch   press   machine   carved   out   of   the   aluminum   panel   products,   CNC   punch   machine   select   imported   German   brand   TRUMPF   equipment,   just   input   the   CAD   design,   it   will   program   on   the   NC   punch   machine.   CNC   punch   machine   with   the   instructions   of   the   program   carving,   the   machine   automatically   run,   cut,   carved   out   the   design   needs   of   the   pattern   style,   polished   out   of   the   mouth   of   the   excess   thorn   edge,   and   then   after   the   surface   spray   treatment,   to   get   the   perfect   art   hollow   aluminum panel   product.


art hollow aluminum panel

This   batch   of   Art   Hollow   Aluminum   Panel   is   for   one   of   our   India   customer   exhibition   hall   project   customization,   used   in   interior   decoration,   look   forward   to   the   effect   after   the   installation.