Foshan Youth Palace Carving Perforated Aluminum Cladding System

- Sep 03, 2018-



Project Loation: Foshan, China

Project Type: Youth Palace

Application Area: 10,000 sq

Application Parts: Exterior Wal

Application Products: BAHE Aluminum Hollow-Out Cladding Panel


Foshan-Youth-Palace-Hollow-Out-Aluminum-Carving-Cladding-System-3.jpgNew children's palace is located in foshan city cultural center near lotus sports center (century), the continuation of the concept of "fang" 's city cultural center, the new children's palace is a big box, skin is famous for foshan paper-cut "bird paradise" leaves as material, with the method of aluminum veneer curtain wall paper-cut hollow out, convey foshan traditional paper-cut culture.