Dachang National Palace - The Classic Elements Of Aluminum Carve Camber Cladding Panel

- Dec 05, 2017-

Dachang National Palace learn from the local architectural culture and the essence of the construction of various ethnic groups in China, combined with the traditional culture and modern architectural techniques, create the country's cultural business card.


Dachang National Palace water systems separate the building and the surrounding site. Which form a cultural island, The overall shape means "Oriental Pearl", while the main building is just like a fusion of the pearl with Chinese culture, mosaic in this fertile soil. The main building is streamer overflowing and bright. The Architectural modeling is concise, magnificent, reflecting the Chinese nation inclusive innovation and self-improvement core values. In the building around colonnade space, symbolize 56 national unity and common prosperity.



The shape of the outer circle and inner circle is special, the holes of the array are gradually reduced from the bottom to the top, and finally the fusion of the architectural techniques symbolize the colorful national culture in this blend, means the unity of all ethnic groups and common casting a bright future.



Aluminum Carve Camber Cladding Panel  is a form of artistic expression for  Curtain Wall Aluminum Panel, With the aluminum panel hollow out of a variety of artistic patterns, it is not only decorative effect, and can reflect different buildings on behalf of the culture.