Foshan Art Village Perforated Cladding System

- Sep 14, 2018-


Foshan Art Village is modern digital architectural magnum opus. Talking about the combination of construction and digital, there are some concepts deduced: CNC Machining, CNC Construction and Digital Construction.

In simple terms, CNC machining and CNC construction can be considered asthe usage of CNC equipment for material processing. And digital constructionis a quite academic term, which combines the concept of "digital" and "construction". Architects and scholars are trying to redefine the term from the original architectural vocabulary when it is widely introduced for academic usage. Based on the architectural concept and the practice of NC equipment, Digital construction isrelated with CNC machining, CNC construction. There has been some successful projects by means of the concept of digital constructionin our studio. Take this project as an example, its fabulousskin is designed in terms of the idea of digital construction of ideas.