Great Building Art Design Shanghai Expo Aluminum Wall Panel

- Jan 20, 2018-


Construction address: Shanghai.

Construction scale: 70,000 square meters.

Design time: 2007.


The China pavilion project of the 2010 Shanghai world expo is located in the core area of the 2010 Shanghai world expo planning zone, which is the highlight of the main entrance of the expo park. During the expo, China pavilion is the main exhibit the expo theme deduction and important carrier, through a variety of audio and visual effect, display of ancient and modern Chinese society, economic and cultural aspects of content.


The concept of "Chinese knot" is proposed in the design scheme to carry the unique cultural attribute of the Chinese pavilion, which embodies the Chinese wisdom that has been developing continuously for thousands of years. The architectural form of the Chinese pavilion is derived from the unique form of "concentric fangsheng knot". Combined with the unique weaving texture of Chinese knot, it is kind and natural; Cooperate with the world expo axis in the air walk, elegant and comfortable; China's deep, the atmosphere of China, the closeness of China and the warmth of China.