How Does Aluminum Veneer Clean Up?

- Sep 11, 2017-

First, if the cleaning of aluminum veneer, are used in aluminum grease cleaning agent for oil and oxide cleaning, then you should prepare two identical OY-123 aluminum cleaning tank, one for the aluminum veneer in addition to Oil, and the other is for the aluminum veneer wash with the white, so you can solve the problem of serious pollution of the single slot.

Second, clean aluminum veneer, it should be in accordance with the concentration of bathing to deploy the bath, the modulation should be fully dissolved to dissolve, and the barrel of liquid shake out.

Third, in the clean maintenance, should be gradually increased in accordance with the number of parts, due to prolonged use, as well as the workpiece to take the bath and other issues, the bath of active ingredients and liquid surface will decline, if the surface of many oil, More dirty, it can be added in time OY-123 aluminum degreasing whitening agent, if it is still dirty, then it should be replaced all the bath.