How To Deal With Aluminum Scrap In Aluminum Veneer Production?

- Sep 11, 2017-

Method 1: Flotation method - if the waste contains wood, plastic, etc., can be used as a medium of water flotation method. The waste in the waste aluminum will float in the water, washed away under the action of the water, and the waste aluminum is pushed by the auger at the other end of the pool. In the whole process, the wind in the process of the remaining soil and dust and other soluble substances in a large number of water, and washed away by water, into the sedimentation pool. Sewage after a lot of settlement after the settlement, return to recycling, sludge regularly cleared. This method can be completely separated from the weight of light than the light material, is a simple and easy way.

Method 2: magnetic separation method - that is, the use of magnetic separation method can choose one of the magnetic waste. Iron and its alloys are harmful impurities in aluminum and its alloys, and have the greatest impact on the properties of aluminum and its alloys. Therefore, it is necessary to select the inclusions in the pretreatment process to maximize the inclusion of scrap steel, and the separation of scrap steel is ideal Technology is magnetic selection. The method of this device is also relatively simple, the magnetic source from the electromagnet or permanent magnet, the design of a variety of processes, easy to achieve the conveyor cross. The waste aluminum on the conveyor belt moves in the lateral direction, and when it enters the magnetic field, the scrap steel is sucked out of the transverse belt and is immediately taken away by the longitudinal belt. After the longitudinal belt moves away from the magnetic field, the scrap steel is lost and gravity Was gathered up. Magnetic process is very simple, less investment, easy to be used. (Note: magnetic separation of waste aluminum processing volume should not be too large, the general section and broken aluminum scrap are more suitable).