How To Install The Aluminum Ceiling Tile

- Jan 16, 2018-

aluminum ceiling tile most use in public ceiling decoration, such as the corrider, office, channel, and indoor etc.

how to install a smooth and flat ceiling?

1. install well the edge corner of aluminum ceiling tile according to the same horizontal line

2. install the steel carrier (38 or 50) base  on apposite space, normally spacing 1~1.2 meter, and the derrick distance according to steel carrier.

3. The prefabricated aluminum square ceiling keel hanging pieces, together with the aluminum square ceiling keel close to light steel keel vertical buckle under the light steel keel, aluminum square ceiling keel spacing to determine the size of the plate, all loaded After adjustment to the horizon.

4. Ceiling the aluminum square buckle buckle on the keel, each finished a buckle, the lock will be pressed down, keel connection with the connection.

5. Aluminum square plate ceiling surface to be installed with gloves, such as accidentally left fingerprints or stains, should immediately wash with detergent and wipe dry.