Nanchang Xili Centre Modern Business Building

- Aug 20, 2018-


Nanchang xili center, located on the central axis of the riverside CBD at the core of chaoyang city, is adjacent to ganjiang river in the west, facing the honggu beach center world skyscraper tower across the river, and adjacent to chaoyang bridge, located at the "bridge tower" of the bridge, with the urban responsibility of representing the binjiang business district and creating the gateway landmark of chaoyang new city. As a new landmark, it inherits the urban context of nanchang and leads the future of nanchang.


Landmark architecture, as the landmark space node and visual magnet of the city, should be humble and friendly enough to the city and surrounding environment, and integrate with the city organically and live in harmony while pursuing excellence. Standing on the shore of ganjiang river, the new commercial landmark of nanchang -- nanchang xinli center, tianhua whole-process design, demonstrates the aesthetic value of excellent design and Oriental wisdom, and presents the appearance and function of the landmark and context, architecture and city, form and function.


Nanchang xili center tower directly landing, no skirt room. The design of the bottom of the building takes into consideration the overall layout and elevation of the building. The three-dimensional curved heavy rain peng commensurate with the tower volume of 200m, spanning over 80m, 13m at its highest point and 6m at its lowest point, looks like a fluttering ribbon from the ground and is very dynamic, echoing the rising of the tower and creating a dynamic bottom space.


In order to achieve the effect of a single colonnade, the structural designer used two small steel columns to form the effect of a single column. According to the optimal spacing effect, 6 groups of column plan were adopted. In order to achieve the effect of canopy surface and the gradual change of section size, the structural designer used the form of internal skeleton to carry out the beam first, and then to carry out the plate outside the beam, which perfectly realized the effect of "air streamer".


The heavy rain canopy rises gradually from the surface, and the curved roof becomes the perfect transition between the building and the ground, with the dynamic force corresponding to the facade and landscape. The heavy rain canopy solves the functional requirements of entrance and exit, and also ensures the unimpeded fire ring. At the same time, it integrates drainage and lighting in the node design. The streamlined shape has good conductivity, which echoes the dynamic force of the ring interchange around it. Nanchang xinli center ground floor space combined with landscape design, showing a friendly open attitude to the city