New Environmentally Friendly Decorative Materials – Wood Grain Aluminum Ceiling

- Dec 05, 2017-

Wood   Grain   Aluminum   Ceiling   is   a   new   type   of   building   decoration   materials,   Wood   Grain   Aluminum   Ceiling  classic   elegance,   natural   style   has   become   a   noble   and   fashionable   representative   of   the   product,   its   realistic natural   wood   visual   effects   and   three-dimensional   wood   feel   touch   effect   has   become   the   lead   Fashion   trend   of   the   pioneer,   and,   with   wood   grain   effect   instead   of   wood,   more   protection   of   our   human   survival   of   the ecological   environment   shows   an   important   role.

wood grain aluminum ceiling


Bahe   Wood   Grain   Aluminum   Ceiling   introduce   Italian   high   quality   wood   grain   paper,   with   highly   automated production,   to   ensure   that   the   Wood   Grain   Aluminum   Ceiling   with   high   weather   resistance,   chemical   resistance, corrosion   resistance   and   wear   resistance ;   At   the   same   time   with   excellent   anti-deformation,   mildew   and   stripping   performance,   life   is   not   less   than   10-15   years,   is   the   best   indoor   and   outdoor   decorative   materials.


wood grain aluminum ceiling

Compared   with   solid   wood,   wood   grain   aluminum   ceiling   has   the   following   advantages:

1, good   appearance,    rich   pattern ,   realistic,   clear   texture.

2, fire   resistance,   corrosion   resistance,   moisture   resistance,   hardness   and   strength   are   solid   wood   can   not   be   compared.

3, rust-proof,    anti-damage,   anti-ultraviolet.

4, long   life,   can   keep   10-15   years   do   not   change   color,   no   deformation.

5, plasticity,   can   be   processed   into   a   variety   of   complex   shapes,   the   back   can   be   filled   with   insulation, noise,   sound   and   other   materials,   to   make its   function   more   abundant.

6, environmental   protection,   protection   of   the    ecological   environment,   reduce   the   waste   of   material   resources.

wood grain aluminum ceiling

wood grain aluminum ceiling