Sinopec Petrol Station Gas-Station Aluminum Ceiling System

- Aug 25, 2018-

Project Type: Petrol Station 

Project Location: Fujian China 

Application Area: 1,000 sq. 

Application Part: ceiling 

Application Product: S300 Clip-In Linear Aluminum Ceiling Tile

Material Supplier: Guangdong BAHE Building Materials Co., Ltd.


The nanping section of jingtai expressway starts from dongan village, jianan street, jianou city, and ends in dayan village, yanghou town, yanping district. The total length is about 63 kilometers, with a designed speed of 100 kilometers per hour and four two-way lanes. Along the route, two hubs such as bow fish and zhongyang will be set up for intercommunication, and two landing stations such as small bridge and dikou will be set up for intercommunication. Two toll stations such as small bridge and dikou will be set up, and one service area will be set up.


Eight and building materials, for the beijing-taiwan high-speed fu-jian ou section sinopec gas station customized high-end S300 high side imitation wind button ceiling, high-quality aluminum raw materials and high-precision processing equipment, to ensure the flatness of the board. At the same time, the international brand coating guarantees the ceiling decoration effect and service life. High frontier wind buckle ceiling is the common ceiling of gas station, and its excellent fireproofing, light weight and installation system stability meet the high requirements of gas station for fire prevention and wind prevention.