Punching Aluminum Panel Design --- Restaurant Chain

- Nov 30, 2017-

In terms of food, the decoration style of restaurant seems meaningless. It just providing the place for customers, some of the decoration styles are self-advertised, while others make customers reverie. It is no doubt that the latter is not so opinionated. So at the beginning of this project the only factor we considered is: It must be contemporary.

view of the Aluminum Panel Decoration


Dining actually is a multi-sensory experience; excitement index is from the unexpected stimulus. So, we create a strange scene for people while they are do familiar things in order to get a full and complicated experience.

Interior Punching Aluminum Panel Design

6.jpg    11.jpg

Light is a tools, which used to render emotions, there is always temperature.

11.jpg    12.jpg    13.jpg    15.jpg    

Aluminum is both offensive and protective materials, resulting in a sense of crisis and insecurity. It is undoubtedly the best way express to the strange scene. The whole project is wrapped and split by single material. It has virtual and reality intervals, multi-layer fuzzy superposition of visual experience. Making strange and interesting atmosphere. Also, it maintains the link between the blocks. The size of the block is determined by the sense of security.

aluminum panel as the material  

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Each piece of punching partitions is viewfinder. It reveals the story of people and events. Only the flow of stories are lively, it like figurative symbols, once you seen it, it disappeared.

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