PVDF Coating Perforated Aluminum Panel For External Building In Canada

- Dec 12, 2017-

pvdf aluminum cladding panel

In order to explore the relationship between Quebecois and their built heritage, a distinctive element building has built in contrast to the highly touristic environment. The pink monolithic passage generates the illusion of a crossing.

pvdf aluminum single panel

The passage uses PVDF Coated Perforated Aluminum Panel, which is made by the imported equipment Trupunch 3000 from Germany. It forms the complicated hole easily with its all automatic function. And it meets demand of building decoration. Besides, Aluminum Perforated Panels has the advantages of weather resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent durability, etc.

perforated aluminum solid panel

Bahe is specialized in producing PVDF Coated Perforated Aluminum Panel. There are several solutions that we can offer professional service and technology.

out door aluminum perforated panel