Seaseland Hotel Canopy Woodgrain Decoration System

- Oct 05, 2018-


location: GuangZhou, China

type: Hotel

area: 3,000 sq

application part: canopy, corridor

application product: aluminum profile baffle


Guangzhou doubletree by natural scenic spot of baiyun mountain is located in guangzhou, is a very nice 5 star hotel, the hotel USES the palatial design, two pillar form the hotel gate, open the door the yard has a pool of water, to enter the internal need to bypass it, inside the hotel entrance design is very special, the overall architecture is composed of wood, into the hotel need to walk a long corridor, so the design of the corridor need ulterior motives, since architecture is composed of wood, smallpox will use the wood grain color collocation, with use of box section aluminum ceiling, it quality light, line is clear, installation is firm, safe and reliable, At the same time, the appearance of wood grain color plays a sound control effect, which is a good solution.

easeland-hotel-canopy-woodgrain-aluminum-baffle-ceiling-decoration-2.jpg easeland-hotel-canopy-woodgrain-aluminum-baffle-ceiling-decoration-3.jpg


The advantage of aluminum profile baffle:

Material: Aluminum Alloy 5053

Thickness: 1.0 mm ~ 1.5 mm

Process: extrusion profile

Surface treatment: woodgrain, anodized, powder coating

Max length: 6000 mm

Fuction: water-proof, fire-retardant, moistureproof, environmental

Feature: easy DIY