What Are The Requirements For Construction Of Aluminum Veneer Ceiling?

- Sep 11, 2017-

First: the elastic line - according to the floor level and the design of the standard elevation, along the walls around the ceiling height of the ceiling, and along the elevation of the ceiling line, in the wall with a keel sub-file position line.

Second: install the main boom - in the play a good elevation of the ceiling line and keel position line, to determine the lower end of the boom boom, and install the hanging bar. Its spacing should be between 900-1200mm, also requires hanging points to be evenly distributed.

Third: the installation of the main keel - the spacing should be between 900-1200mm, the main keel with the matching keel hanging pieces and hanging to install, and the second keel installation is based on the selected aluminum veneer specific models And the instructions to carry out, as well as the installation of the surface layer and buckle whether the product should be based on the selected model and instructions to carry out.